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Friday, November 25, 2016

Craft Show Set Up 11/19/16

Hey everyone!  I'm sorry I'm so late with this video, it has been a crazy week!  This video is a short video of my craft show set up from last Saturday, 11/19/16.  This was a crazy busy show and sales were blown out of the water from any other craft show!

Below the video I will have photos of my booth, and I will also have a list of my top 10 sellers from this show as well.

I think this setup worked really well, and I loved having just one long continuous space instead of a smaller square area where people have to walk into it.  I think it really helped with sales, because if people see a booth is so crowded, they sometimes just keep going because they don't want to deal with it, so I think having a longer space really helped with that.

Other than that, our set up is pretty much the same with the crates and everything.

I have sold out of a few things, and I still have half of my shows to go!  Tonight I am going to make some more Mini Coffee Cups and Nugget Tins because I think this weekend might be a big shopping weekend with it being Black Friday today, and Small Business Saturday tomorrow.  I have a craft show on both Saturday and Sunday, so I'm going to make a little more product tonight.

Top Sellers

1.  Photo Holders
2.  Nugget Packs 
3.  Sticky Notes
4.  Tic Tacs
5.  Mini Tic Tacs
6.  Double Notepads
7.  Junior Legal Pads
8.  Mini Sticky Notes
9.  Tags
10.  Chiclets

Overall, I did really well at this show and I am so happy with it!  I will be back next week with a video and post for each of my craft shows for this coming weekend.  Let me know if you have any questions, enjoy!

love and hugs,

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