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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

11/5/16 Craft Show Recap

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I am back from vacation and have a quick post for you today!  I got back super late last night, but got up early today to run a few errands and get everything unpacked and get back into the swing of things!

I had a wonderful vacation, and did a whole lot of nothing!  It was wonderful to just relax for awhile, lay out in the sun, and eat and drink to my heart's content!  It will be something I need to do more often!

Today I am here to share a recap on my latest craft show that was this past Saturday, November 5th.  I unfortunately wasn't able to be there, but a few of my dear friends did it all for me!  Due to that, I won't have as much information to share with you as last time, this is basically just going to be the photos that my friend posted on Facebook, and a top sellers list based on my sales app.


First, I will share all the photos.  They are pretty self explanitory, so I won't caption them, but feel free to ask any questions if you have any!

Register System

In order to keep the best track of inventory and see how different things sell, I put all sales in my Square Register System.  Most people only use it for credit card sales, but I input every sale in there, so I know exactly what sold that day.  It is so simple to just run a report and I can see what the top sellers are without having to count all of my inventory.  I have the app on my phone, on my tablet, which we primarily use at the shows, and my friend also has the app on her phone in case we get super busy.  I suggest looking into Square if you are doing craft shows.

Top Sellers

I will list my Top 10 Sellers below here, starting with the best sellers on the top.

1.  Nugget Tins
2.  Nugget Packs
3.  Mini Coffee Cups
4.  8 Packs of Cards
5.  Junior Legal Pads
6.  Double Notepads
7.  Photo Holders
8.  Sticky Notes
9.  Individual Cards
10.  Tic Tacs

Overall Recap

My friends did an outstanding job getting everything set up and running this whole show themselves while I was over 2,000 miles away in another country!  I am so incredibly proud of how well they did!  Sales were higher than my last show, so I'm hoping that trend will continue as the Christmas season goes on!

I usually don't make any product between shows, I mass produce one time for a month or so straight, and use that product through the season for all of my shows.  However, my best friend who is my awesome set up and show helper, informed me that I am already running low on Mini Coffee Cups and Nugget Tins and we have only completed show 2 out of 10!  I will for sure be making more Mini Coffee Cups, possibly tomorrow, to have some more variety at my show for Saturday.

If you have any questions about this show or this post, please don't hesitate to ask!  I will hopefully have a new video up for you guys in a few days, and Sunday I will have a video and recap for this coming Saturday's craft show!  Happy Crafting!

love and hugs,

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