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Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Look In My Planner: 8.10.15 - 8.16.15

Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope you are all having a really good week!  I think I got a lot of great feedback from last weeks look in my planner and that makes me so excited!  I hope I have inspired some of you to start decorating in your planner!  Stay tuned for an awesome planner giveaway coming in the next month or so!

I am sharing this week's look in my planner a little bit early, because I am heading to Chicago for the weekend, and want to get this up before I go.

I will start with posting pictures of my spread, then I will post the information for each shop with any coupon codes if I have any, and will show each sticker sheet with a link if they are still available!


 Here is a close up of what this week's spread looks like.  This is the first time I tried going with an actual theme, and I love how it turned out!  I still haven't really found my planning groove, especially this week since I am going out of town for several days!

I used stickers from a few new shops this week, plus some other favorite shops, so let's just get started!


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 This is the sheet that first inspired the whole spread!  I loved the colors of this Summer Berries kit!  This is made for the horizontal planner and is so pretty!  As you can see, it comes with just about everything you need!

 I used a few of these Ombre Box Stickers in coordinating colors to make some list boxes in my spread.

 The Ombre Full Box Heart Checklist Stickers are probably my favorite, and I also used these in coordinating colors!

 The last sheet I used from her shop were the Ombre Full Box Heart Checklist Stickers, and these are also really great for lists.  As you can see, I love ombre boxes!

 Libbie & Co

- IGFRIENDS15 for 15% off your purchase
This Party Kit is super cute!  I used the little balloons to mark birthdays during this week.  These are great quality stickers, and the colors are so pretty!

 These Laundry Basket Stickers are a favorite of mine, and I use these to mark the primary day that my husband tends to the laundry.

I didn't use the Party Banner and Party Hat Stickers in the traditional way!  I wanted to use some banners to mark the days I will be in Chicago on vacation with my bff, and I noticed that these banners had just enough spaces to write Chicago in!  They were perfect!

The Bill/Money Kit is new in my collection, and it has tons of different options on it.  I used a few of the small bill due stickers to mark the dates there are bills due, and there is a nice space to write the bill in.  I have found due to the glossiness and high quality of these stickers, it is best to use a Sharpie on these.  I also used the payday flags, piggy bank, and dollar signs to mark other things in my planner.

The Whale Stickers are so, so, so super cute and I thought these would be perfect to mark the day we plan to visit the aquarium in Chicago!

Another super cute set are these adorable Bird Stickers, and these I used on the day we are going to the zoo!

The Cleaning Kit has so many stickers!  The only sticker I used from this on this week's spread was the little feather duster.  I put this over a different vacuum sticker, to mark the day that my husband does the dusting.

The last set from Libbie & Co is the Milkshake Stickers.  I used these just for decoration on one of the weekend days.  You could also use this as a soda sticker.  I am going to be on vacation and plan to drink all the soda, smoothies, and milkshakes that I want!

Sticky Cuts

These really cute Bright Title Stickers went great with this week's theme!  The purple color matched great, to I used one of the project flags!

Scribble Prints Co

Right now, these adorable to go ombre heart checkboxes are not available, but these were great to use in my weekend to list a few places we are planning on going while in Chicago!
This is another unavailable set, but I used some of the timers on here to mark the days I planned to workout, so I could put the length of my workout for that day.
The box stickers were used to mark a day I needed to bring a package to the post office.
These spray bottles worked perfectly for marking when my husband deep cleans the bathroom and kitchen.
I used one of these coffee cups to put on Friday morning, when I plan to get a nice big coffee from Starbucks for our drive down!

The last set from Scribble Prints Co (sorry these are all unavailable, but that is just how great her stickers are!), are these cute vacuums!

Sugar Peas Papeterie

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I have been loving the Weather Stickers, and use these above the date, they are just the perfect size!


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These cute Grocery Shopping Bags are perfect for indicating when you need to go grocery shopping!  You could also write the amount you spend on the bag if you keep track that way as well.

Sweet Kawaii Design

-  LETSBEFRIENDS for 10% off your purchase
-  FREESHIP30 for free shipping over $30
I've said it before, but I'll say it again - these Itty Bitty Kawaii Gym Bags are my favorite!  They are so adorable and make it just a little easier to get to the gym!  Now if my real gym bag actually looked like that!

Love Notes Co

-  IGLOVE for 10% off your purchase

I decided to try these hydrate stickers this week. They take up less space and it is all contained in one place, which is awesome!

Maklow Planner Goodies

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The Retail Therapy stickers were perfect to decorate for all the shopping I plan to do in Chicago this weekend!  Stay tuned next week and I'm sure I will have some hauls for you!

I think these Workout Stickers are my new favorite!  Not only is the font super cute, but they looked so awesome layered on the quarter boxes this week!  I've gone back and ordered more of these in other colors so I can match other themes!

Oh So Pretty Planner

-  SOPRETTY for 15% off your purchase of $5 or more
I absolutely love these Weight Tracking Stickers!  Not only is there a place to record your weight, but there is also a place to record how much you have gained or lost from the previous week!  I am so happy to report that I lost 4.4!  Yay!

Love Like Ryn

-  FREESHIP for free shipping over $25

The Do It Daily / Once A Week Stickers are perfect for marking those chores that need to be done everyday or once every week. 
The Weekly Tracking Stickers are perfect!  I have these both in workout and work schedule and I love that I can just see my schedules all at a glance without having to check each day!

Peachy Keen Designs

-  NATIONALPEACHMONTH for 15% off your purchase of $6 or more
-  FREESHIP50 for free shipping over $50
The Weight Watcher stickers are perfect to mark your Weight Watcher days, whether you are just weight in at home, or if you go to meetings.

Hello Grace Designs

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-  FREESHIP50 for free shipping over $50
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I think these Kawaii Film/Video Stickers are some of my new favorites!  They are so stickin' cute and you can use these for when you plan to take photos or shoot video!

Mandi Dunbar

-  FREESHIP50 for free shipping over $50
-  10OFF10 for 10% off $10

These adorable Laundry Stickers come in 2 different sizes and are perfect for putting on your laundry days!


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Planneresque is currently on vacation, but I used one of these adorable quote stickers to mark the start of my little mini vacation!  These are not made to fit in the horizontal, but they are just a little big.  You can trim them, but I just made it hang over a little bit.
Well, folks, those are all the stickers that I used this week!  I hope you enjoyed looking in my planner this week and that I've inspired you a little bit!
As always, I will have a coordinating video showing my planner in more detail and showing each of the sticker sheets as well. You can see that here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I'm more than happy to help!

Happy planning!

love and hugs,


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Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Look In My Planner: 8.3.15 - 8.9.15

Happy Weekend everyone!  I hope everyone had a great week and an even better weekend!  Most of my weekend is spent working, but do have a whole Sunday off, which is great!  Today I am going to share this week's layout in my Erin Condren Horizontal Life Planner.  I have used a ton of super cute stickers and goodies this week!  This week I am going to try something new and will link you directly to the stickers I used if they are available right now.  As always, if I have any coupon codes for these shops, I will include those as well.  So, let's get started!

This week I started my diet and working out, so I incorporated a lot of fitness and health related stickers.  I am weighing myself every Monday, and I have no shame, so I will not block anything out!  I know there are a lot of my fellow crafters and friends that struggle with weight as well, so by showing you everything, I hope I can at least motivate one of you to start this healthy lifestyle along with me!
I am still getting into the hang of planning in a horizontal planner, but so far I like it.  I do not know yet at this time if in 2016 I will keep with the horizontal, as I think it will take me a littler longer to decide.  I am not crazy about the colors in the horizontal, and it is definitely something that would teeter me to switch back to vertical.  I feel I can plan either way, but also I think my thoughts would be a little more organized in the vertical, but it will take me a few months to see if I can figure out some kind of cohesive organization in my horizontal.  I will definitely keep you updated with what I decide to do for 2016!
Without further hesitation, let's get started with the stickers!  I will list the shop name, link, coupon codes if available, then show the picture of each sticker and the link to it and any thoughts on it.  I'm hoping that will be a little easier for everyone to follow!  Let me know what you prefer!

Pink Elephant Planning


From Pink Elephant Planning, I picked up the August Kit For ECLP Horizontal.  For only $10, or $25 if you order 3 months at a time, you get 9 sheets of stickers, which is an AMAZING price!  As you can see from the photo, I have used the majority of the stickers, so this is all I have left to show you!  The picture below is what the kit looks like from the web site.  I used a lot of the list boxes and designer boxes this week.

Sew Kerid Away

IGFRIENDS for 10% off your purchase
I am a sucker for a good ombre list box, so the Ombre Full Box Heart Checklist Stickers were perfect!  I love them so much I may have ordered more!  These are also great because they are made for the horizontal planner so they fit perfect and I don't have to mess around with trying to get them to fit!

Mandi Dunbar

IGFRIENDS for 10% off your purchase of $10 or more


These Colorful Kawaii Macaron Stickers might be the cutest things I've ever seen and I had to just stick one in my planner for some fun and color!


Insta15 for 15% off your purchase


These fruit stickers are super cute for adding some fun and color in my planner, and are perfect to signify all the healthy foods I've been eating with the start of my diet this week!  Right now Krista, the owner of Stickeriffic is on vacation, so I'm unable to link this sheet, but be sure to go check out her shop and click to be notified when she reopens!

Planner Candy

INSTAGRAM10OFF for $10 off your purchased until 8/15/15

These Funny Workout Stickers were a great addition to my planner this week!  These are super cute flags to help motivate you to lose weight and work out!

Sticky Cuts


These Title Stickers For Sections Of Planner in Bright Colors are just my cup of tea!  I am in love with these colors, and loved that it includes a project flag and also blank flags.  These have really come in handy for me!

By Jerodelle

INSTAGRAM for 10% off your purchase

By Jerodelle is a new shop on Etsy, but I am familiar with her from crafting.  She is super sweet and when she opened her shop I just had to pick up some goodies.  She has amazing customer service and I'm hoping she will come out with more soon, but in the meantime, these EC Labels in the color Seaside have come in handy and are beautiful colors!

Peachy Keen Designs

NATIONALPEACHMONTH for 15% off your purchase of $6 or more until 8/31/15


FREESHIP50 for free shipping on orders over $50

I used these super cute Weight Watchers Stickers to stick on my Monday for when I weigh-in.  I am doing Weight Watchers online, not going to meetings, but this makes it easier for me to stick to a schedule and remind myself to weigh-in.

I am a sucker for a cute heart checklist, so these To Do List Horizontal stickers were just for me!  These are great for making lists, and fit perfectly in the horizontal planner.

Sugar Peas Papeterie

4YEARS for 20% your purchase of $5 or more through 8/31/15


This little set is a freebie from my previous order, so I don't have a link for this, but I used the super pretty mason jar sticker for some cuteness and color.  I may just have to place another order so I can get a sheet of the Watercolor Summer Mason Jars!

I have quite a few weather stickers in my stash, but these have been my favorite so far and have been the only ones I've used.  The great thing about these Weather Planner Stickers is that you can customize how many rows of each type of weather you'd like, which I think is awesome!  They aren't too big, but just the right size to fit right above the date without blocking anything out.

It's Planning Time

PLANNINGTIME10 for 10% off your purchase


FREESHIP30 for free shipping (US only) on purchases over $30


I used these super cute Milk and Cookie Planner Stickers this week to add a little color and fun with the little heart sticker.  I thought I could also use these to track when I have a little sweet treat!


The Mini Balloons Birthday Planner Stickers are perfect for keeping a reminder that there is a birthday that day!  I keep track of who's birthday is when in my monthly spread, but this just helps remind me since I don't look at my monthly spread everyday.

Key Custom Creations

INSTA10 for 10% off your purchase


FLASH20 for 20% off your purchase until 8/9/15


I used these Repositionable Fitness & Weight Tracking Stickers to put on Monday when I weight myself.  There is a spot to write your weight, which makes it easy to see from week to week how you are doing.

The Fuel Tracking Stickers are a great addition to your planner to keep track of gas fill ups.  I used the white space in the middle to write how much I spent at the pump.

Scribble Prints Co


These Work Out Flag stickers have been one of my favorites to use in my daily planning to mark if I am working out that day or not.  Andrea has the best glossy stickers around!
These are sold out right now, but I love these 3 heart flag checklists for 2 reasons.  First is that they are a heart flag checklist, so I can't resist!  I also love that they are smaller with 3 hearts, so they fit in the horizontal planner without me having to cut anything off.

These are also sold out right now, but I love using the little corner dollar signs for when I need to deposit money into my savings account for my 52 week savings challenge or for any other savings reasons.  I also used the little tiny circle dollar sign for marking that I was paying bills that day.

Sweet Kawaii Design

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LETSBEFRIENDS for 10% your purchase of $10 or more


All three of these sheets were included in the August EC Color Themed Planner Kit Horizontal, which included 8 sheets of coordinated stickers.  These all work so great together, and I love them so much that I just ordered September's kit!
I've used these super cute little Itty Bitty Kawaii Gym Bag Stickers to mark when I am going to the gym.  The cuteness of these is almost enough to get me there!


FREESHIP for free domestic shipping on orders over $25


This sheet is from the Horizontal August Monthly Kit, which includes 4 sheets of stickers for $11.50.  I used the tiny I love weekends sticker, which I adore these!
I have been using these every week so far to track things I need to do every week.  These are the Do It Daily/Once A Week Stickers, and fit perfectly in the notes section of the horizontal.  I put things on here that I do everyday, such as showering, brushing my teeth, etc....I really enjoy checking things off!
These Hydrate Stickers come in a variety of colors for you to choose from.  These are the purple ones.  Instead of just checking them off, I've been coloring them in with a glitter pen (which I see I haven't been doing a great job of keeping up!).
I've been using these down in my notes section to keep track of my workout and work schedule.  These are the Weekly Tracking Cleaning/Workout/Work Schedule/Dinner Plans/Weight Stickers, and you can choose which option you would like.  I have a sheet for Workout and for Work Schedule, but I have used all the Work Schedule ones up.  I like putting these down in my notes section and I have one place where I can see when I am working and when I am planning to work out.  In the work schedule ones, I just write the time on each day that I work, and for the work out ones I write what type of workout I plan on doing that day.
The Heart and Circle Weekend Banners are made for the horizontal planner and add a super cute pop in your planner.
These Glitter Quotes are one of my favorite sticker sheets of all time (I have a few sets)!  I love putting these up at the top to cover up the triangles that I really, really don't care for.  They are also super pretty and motivational.
LoveLikeRyn has become one of my most favorite shops on Etsy, and I have ordered several times in the past few weeks.

Libbie & Co

IGFRIENDS15 for 15% off your purchase


These Small Nail Polish Stickers were perfect to mark on my Friday when I was going to pamper myself and get my nails and toes done!  As I've mentioned before, Libbie & Co have some of the highest quality stickers that I've used to date and I love them!

Planner Chick Designs


This has becoming one of my favorite sticker shops yet!  I am in love with the colors and quality of these stickers!  The Circles Ribbon and Lace are too adorable for words and look so cute in my planner!  I use these to just jot down little reminders or things to do!

I don't know how many times I can say cute or adorable, but everything about these is those!  The Notebook Paper Colored stickers fit perfectly in the horizontal planner and are also great for lists!
These Plan Stickers are another thing that I am a sucker for!  These are super cute to use when you are planning when you are going to plan!
These last 4 sheets are from the Horizontal August Deluxe Kit, which you can purchase only the sheets you want, or you can purchase the whole kit for $15, which would save you $1.  I love these kits so much!  Everything you need is included and I love the addition of the ribbon and lace, I just think it is so pretty. 
As you can see on all of her stickers, there are very small circle icons on the top, which are also stickers.  I also used some of these on a half box to signify that I was running errands, paying bills, shopping, etc.
As always, I will have a coordinating video showing my planner in more detail and showing each of the sticker sheets as well.  You can see that here.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I'm more than happy to help!
Happy planning!
love and hugs,
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